Jumping Ship

There are fewer activities I despise more than having to move. Moving decorations from the attic and back again. Packing for vacation. And, yes, buying and moving to a new house with all the frustration and mental anguish that goes along with that. However, I find myself having to do just that for my online presence. My satisfaction with Weebly has hit to a depth far beyond possible extraction.

So, here I am. About to move everything from that platform to Wix. A suggestion for anyone thinking of using Weebly, I encourage you to consider all your options before doing so as they make it an absolute nightmare to move your content. They do this on purpose to hold their customers at gunpoint hoping that because they have our intellectual property hostage that we will be less inclined to leave.

Never one to reward bad behavior, I have decided that it is worth losing over three years of posts and work so that Weebly may no longer continue to leech off of my wallet while ignoring their customer's concerns. Wix may be slightly more expensive, but then again, you get what you pay for.

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