The Weebly Debacle and How I Got Here in the First Place

For those of you who have read my first blog post and were a bit confused, let me introduce myself. Well, it might be more accurate for me to reintroduce myself, as I've had this web address for a few years already. But, I'll go into more about that later.

First, my name is Roy Daman. I've written stories off and on since I was seven, about warlords and shape-shifting dragons, all on a college ruled notebook that I never finished. In high school, filled with love of the esoteric and mysterious, I wrote my version of Biblical events based on what I had learned from non-traditional sources. I knew little about writing other than I wanted to do it. What a big ambling mess that was. I believe the page count was around 800 plus. You could say that I had no concept of story structure.

My next attempt, after high school, wasn't much better. Then, I was interested in Japanese culture and history. I created my own mythos based on their mythology. 518 pages. Shorter, and a little better, but there was so much I didn't understand about the elements of my craft. Sometimes, I open up those old files to reaffirm how far I've come.

Before going out and living on my own, I didn't have access or funding to learn how to write well. But, once I did, I immersed myself in writing theory and practice. I plowed through Writers Digest, listened to college lectures, and watched Masterclasses from authors at the top of their game. I've read in and outside of my genre. I went to writer groups and participated in beta reading for talented authors.

I began writing the very first version of Supplicant during the Summer of 2013. This time, it was with a driving purpose. Our world is spiraling into worse chaos each day. I wanted to issue a warning, and tell others that there was hope, but it would take all of us. That message has propelled me to the level of writing I'm at today. And, it's the principle I return to when I feel out of focus.

This novel has gone through rewrites, two of them complete. Five years and five revisions later, I'm refining Supplicant in preparation to query potential agents and publishers. With the plot, world, and characters I've created, there's enough content to complete at least seven novels. I have a positive outlook for where this series will go and I hope that those who read it will see the love and care I've placed within.

Which brings us to the changes to the site. Like most authors in this ever changing market, I knew that I would need to have a place where readers could discover what I'd written, and grow a community around it. Three years ago, I created my first website on Weebly. Ultimately, I changed my web builder service to Wix, as they had more options and a better overall system. Unfortunately, Weebly doesn't allow their customers to migrate their blogs to another platform. I faced a decision between keeping my posts and having an out-of-date website, or lose my posts and have a more modern look that would appeal to most people.

Though I lost my old blog, I'm not mad. I didn't lose the experience in both design and writing style that I gained over those years. And, from what I've learned from revising my own work, many times starting over fresh is not going back to zero, but instead is a bold step forward in a better direction.

If you enjoy the new look of the site, or have a subject you'd like me to cover, leave a comment. If you like the content I create, then please consider subscribing, becoming a member, or sharing.

Thanks for reading, and remember: resistance is viral.

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